Fotona 4D-Non-invasive Laser Facelifting

Fotona 4D-Non-invasive Laser Facelifting

Fotona4D is a non-surgical face lifting process that tightens and volumizes the face without the use of fillers or toxins. It is a non-invasive procedure that can treat up to four dimensions. The wavelengths of Er: YAG and Nd: YAG, are combined in four different modes: SMOOTH, FRAC3, PIANO, and Superficial.

  • First step: Smoothliftin
  • This intraoral laser rejuvenation is the initial phase, and it works to lift, firm, and volumize the area inside the mouth (lips and cheeks).
  • Second step: FRAC3
  • The Nd-YAG FRAC3 laser, treats deeper imperfections to enhance the effect of intraoral treatment and restore youthful texture.
  • Third step: Piano

This phase involves concentrating energy delivery subcutaneously guaranteeing overall tightening effect is synergistic.

  • Fourth step: Superficial

The last phase is to apply a gentle and cool SuperficialTM Er-YAG ablation on the surface and outermost level, which functions as a peel. This final process gives the skin a pearl finish and leaves it feeling smooth, tightened, and plump, with no imperfections or texture.

The entire operation targets the skin’s deeper, medial, and superficial connective systems, as well as other skin defects.

The procedure is safe to use.

It does not require any surgery, needles, or anesthesia

It has little-to-no downtime.

It will give you ultimate rejuvenation, tightening, and glow with an improved skin complexion

It has minimal-to-no downtime.