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Stim Sure

Look great and feel even greater with StimSure!

Life can get in the way of achieving your ideal physique. But what if you could fast-track your way to the toned abs, defined glutes and, most importantly, the pumped self-confidence you’ve always imagined?

StimSure by the well-known company Cynosure, helps both women & men build muscle and burn fat. It is the world’s first non-invasive buttock lifting procedure without surgery. It helps to achieve natural looking abs & improved posture.

A non-invasive muscle stimulation technology that builds and defines muscles in a safe, swift and impactful way. You will experience up to 24,000 muscle contractions over a 30-minute session to sculpt your physique.

StimSure can be used to strengthen & tighten:
1. Abdominal, gluteal & thigh muscles
2. Can be used to correct posture
3. Helps to strengthen lower pelvic muscles

Each treatment takes between 20-30 minutes, depending on the muscle group being targeted.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no recovery period or downtime with StimSure, so you can have the treatment and get back your life back to normal immediately.

Patients will start to see and feel results after treatment. However, the best results are usually seen within 3-4 weeks after the full treatment plan.

Stimsure is ideal for people looking to build & define their muscles to complement their fitness journey.

This varies patient to patient but usually it can be completed within 6-8 sessions. Your practitioner will have consultation with you before to plan on what you need.

You’ll feel your muscles contracting as you would during any physical exercise or movement; StimSure will contract your muscles up to 24,000 times during the 30-minute session.

Anyone who wants to ace their fitness routine is the perfect candidate for StimSure. It usually requires 6-8 sessions for visible results. However, based on your lifestyle & body type the doctor can alter the number of sessions for the best results.

It is completely painless and there are no side effects. The technology is accredited internationally. You will walk away comfortably feeling more accomplished.

This is a muscle building and toning treatment. It will go hand in hand with your exercise treatment. Yes, your fitness routine may become easier but it is not advisable to leave your exercise.