The latest in Vein Removal with SP Dynamis PRO by Fotona the leading Aesthetic provider for laser technologies. This procedure functions by directing laser energy towards the interior of a vein, causing the vein wall to contract and seal shut. The healthy veins surrounding the closed vein can then reestablish normal blood flow in the treated region.

The treatment is primarily effective on large veins in the legs. Laser energy is transmitted to the desired area within the vein via an optical fiber and catheter. Laser procedures are less invasive than conventional surgical approaches to varicose vein removal, have a reduced rate of complications, and are well-received by patients. Recovery time is brief, and the treatment yields satisfactory cosmetic outcomes.

This specific laser exhibits a strong affinity for absorption in hemoglobin, making it an excellent option for endovenous laser procedures. Its high efficiency, selectivity, and precision (restricting thermal effects to the target tissue) allow for minimal discomfort, outstanding success rates, and faster recovery periods.

Yes, the treatment is safe to use for all skins.

Depends on size of area being treated, but it is is a fairly quick procedure.

Very little to no down time.